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Berlin is one of the most remarkable and fascinating cities in Europe. Although local radio stations are praising it as the most exciting city in Europe, Berlin in a 2003 survey slipped slightly to rank 20, left behind by Barcelona, ranking at top position, and London (position 7).

No wonder Berlin has changed its face since reunification in 1989. Not always to the best, it must be admitted. The authors of this site all have been born in Berlin. They know their way around and through the jungle of Berlin. They also know why:
Berlin was a metropolis through the century. Its history recalls the history of Europe.
It will be remembered for some crucial years in European and Jewish history, too: the cold war - the airlift, etc. In recent years Berlin has changed from a lively "island", which it was under allied occupation to a city on its own.

Berlin mostly was based on the culture, arts and entertainment brought to the city by the allied. But Berlin once was a metropolis on its own. In the 30s it was Europe's entertainment and - hard to believe - fashion city number one.

Today Berlin suffers from being the capitol again. This time the fact seems to slow down the process of developing Berlin.

Berlin is still very exciting where you have the clashed of culture. Where Berlin is international. The Embassies and their teams bring "fresh wind" to the city. Enlarge the band from French, American, British and Russian.
It is an "all around the world" cultural mix. You feel more world flavour than even in Vienna. But it is recently facing immense financial problems.

Art wise Berlin is struggling; it has lost some of its richness. Many theatres in the west have been closed due to public failures, lack of funding and mismanagement (Theatre in Germany is completely funded by public sources).

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